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ABOX42 Smart SDK

For Product Managers, Developers and Middleware Providers

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Build your first Smart TV App in 5 minutes

You ask yourself how this is possible? With up-to-date web technology – avoid wasting time with embedded engineering and use common web development. With the Smart SDK, the IDE and the workbench running on the box, you can invest your time in the product itself instead of app engineering. The workbench on the box as a presentation window and configuration tool rounds up the picture in order for you to work with the SDK in a copy and paste approach to finish your first app in 5 minutes. Of course you can scale this to your own project and save a lot of time – in numbers that means that you can be up to 10 times faster compared to other well known SDKs on the market, working with embedded engineering. Stand your ground in a time-to-market driven environment with the right tools.
Your first app in 5 minutes

ABOX42 Platforms

ABOX42 offers a complete and sophisticated platform with the aim to deploy a new generation of Smart services for IPTV, OTT and Hybrid environments.
The ABOX42 smart platform consists of five major parts: Smart SDK (Software Development Kit), Smart STBs, Smart RCU plus Mobile Toolkit, Smart SaaS (Software as a Service) and Smart Solutions. The central tool for developers is the Smart SDK including the ABOX42 IDE for each platform, providing all relevant information for your development. The ABOX42 Platform is market proven and runs already more than 100 different IPTV&OTT Services. Our platform differs from traditional STBs, because it constantly grows with new functions and services in order to offer you as an operator or developer a state of the art system – market ready with a proven short time to market and even lower project risks.


Smart SDK

ABOX42`s Smart SDK is both the enabler and connector between the platforms major parts. It provides:

  • The ABOX42 IDE for each platform: All the information you need for development
  • An assembly of Smart Solutions in the form of examples and tutorials
  • All APIs for OTT&IPTV products
  • A huge support of IPTV headends and OTT streaming
  • Easy access to all information how to use the APIs for your own service through the ABOX42 IDE
  • A complete set of Smart Solutions (examples) within the IDE for a quick start up
  • Documentation, guideline and step by step introduction including code samples in a copy&paste approach

Launch and explore the ABOX42 IDE

Smart STBs

The Smart SDK best serves the ABOX42 Smart STBs, coming in different models that scale to your business case.

  • M-Series with the M15, M20, M30 and M40 Smart STBs: Four high performance solutions for your OTT/IPTV services.
  • M-Series with the M15, M30 and M40 Smart STBs: Three high performance solutions for your Hybrid DVB services.
  • Z-Zeries with the Z38: A high performance solution for your OTT/IPTV or Hybrid DVB services running on either Linux or Android.
  • See more details on

Learn how the Smart SDK enables the Smart STBs



Mobile Toolkit

The Smart SDK enables the Mobile Toolkit to provide opportunities for enhanced usability and thereby simplifies many use cases for the customer compared to a “classical” RCU. It thereby provides a natural kind of UserInterface by using a smartphone or tablet. The Abox42 Mobile App is an intelligent browser serving as a container for plugins of individual web views supported by JS extensions, controlling an advanced API for device communication.

Get to know the Mobile Toolkit – powered by the Smart SDK

Smart SaaS

The Smart SDK lets you connect to our unique SaaS Services which bring your quality of service and monitoring to a whole new level. Extend the management of all your boxes in the field and thereby close the circle of a healthy environment while providing exclusive and hands-on features to your customers. We are constantly extending our SaaS-Service to the demands of a fast-growing market in order to best serve the given needs.

Familiarize with our Smart SAAS services



Smart Solutions

The Smart SDK enables the ABOX42 platforms to run over 100 different OTT services and custom applications at the moment. In the very same way, your own application could be a part of this fast growing assembly.

  • TV applications for basic OTT TV projects
  • First installation application module
  • Customer specific platform extensions
  • OTT Pay-TV play out via Internet
  • Update Application module
  • DLNA module
  • More content: Internet Services like YouTube and Picasa and many more

See how the Smart SDK enables a variety of SMART solutions

Be part of the Smart

Jump on the bandwagon now and enter the Smart World to provide state-of-the-art user experience and a leading edge hardware to your customers. Simple web development and the cloud as an app store open new possibilities and avoid embedded engineering. Existing infrastructure like HLS playout for iOS devices, HTML5 clients or existing playout systems can most of the times be used with minor adjustments only. With the platform that ABOX42 offers out of the box, a fully running ecosystem waits for you to jump into the driver seat and set a direction. No matter whether it’s OTT, IPTV or both in combination – it’s all there.
Become part of the Smart

  • Product Managers

    Find an answer to the product expectations of your customers with the platforms and smart solutions offered by ABOX42.

  • Developers

    Simple and flexible tools provided by the Smart SDK and the capabilities of web development will help you realize any idea and overcome a time-to-market driven schedule.

  • Middleware Providers

    Feel invited to talk to us about the possibility to integrate your solution in the ABOX42 platforms and use them as a multiplier to gain access to new customer projects.

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Note: In order to use the DVB Extension for your platform, you will have to register separately.